Fabric Expansion Joints

Comdiflex - Fabric Expansion Joints
Comdiflex - Fabric Expansion Joints
"High-versatile, engineered and taylor made expansion joints”

Our fabric or soft-materials expansion joints have found a wide range of applications, in all industry branches such as thermal power plants, gas turbine plants, the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, all over the world.

  • Fresh air blowers.
  • High temperature air or gas ducts.
  • Special multi-wave joints for high mechanical requirements ducts.
  • Special designs for car plant paint line ventilation.


    High quality Expansion Joints for Low Temperatures

    “Cost-Effective Quality”

    ECO Line Expansion Joints are recommended for low- temperature applications in plant installations, where the ability to absorb vibration is required. ECO Line Expansion Joints have different design and construction characteristics: single Layer or two- layer configurations of first range special materials, additional reinforcement in the attachment zone are few of the available solutions for your specific requirements.
    Temperature Range: -40oC To 200oC


    Multi-Layers Versatile Expansion Joints for High Temperatures

    “Resistance, Adaptability and Versatility”

    Comdiflex HIGH-TECH Line includes a range of multi- layer expansion joints, with additional insulation pillows, suitable for applications with high temperatures and heavy conditions. Mechanically robust compensators, elaborated from the last generation technical fabrics are developed especially for demanding applications, where resistance and ability to compensate large movements are required.
    Temperature Range: up to 1000oC


    Maximum Resistance Expansion Joints for Highly Demanding Applications

    “Custom Made Solution for Extreme Conditions”

    Comdiflex INNOVA Line products are engineered and manufactured using special technical fabrics and particular metal/PTFE foils in order to provide excellent resistance in highly aggressive applications with extreme temperatures or corrosive fluids. Custom made solutions for wide range of critic situations. Special “extra reinforced” types are available for large movements and special extra-resistant models for corrosive applications