What We Do

We provide our customers the right sealing solution, at the right time.

express service and sealing solutions

Today’s industry applications require more precision and promptness than ever before. In Comdiflex, we are committed to understanding and meeting our customer's needs, providing technical support, comprehensive stock and all our knowledge in order to offer you the right sealing solution readily and efficiently.

Comdiflex manufacture high quality Sealing Gaskets and high-versatile, custom designed fabric expansion joints,according to ASME, DIN, EN, or customer specific standards. Nowadays we are recognized as a reliable, technically prepared and efficient company in emergency- express service and custom made sealing solutions.

For us quality meaning is more than certificated raw-materials or modern engineering programs. After all it is our people, our team of professionals, every one of the company who contribute to produce the highest quality products, trough exhaust engineering analysis to production process itself.