Comdiflex - Your Key for Highly Demanding Aplications


Comdiflex - Industries - OIL & GAS

Since 1965 we've been manufacturing and supplying for one of the most demanding environments in terms of industrial sealing: Oil & Gas Industry.
Nowadays we are recognized and audited by the main Oil & Gas Companies in Spain.

Offering the right sealing solution to meet the strictest requirements is critical in order to ensure the safety of plant and minimizing environmental impact.

In Comdiflex we employ only certified, first-line raw materials with complete certification and traceability to ensure security and integrity of our products.


Comdiflex - Industries - POWER GENERATION

Certified by Owner's Group of Nuclear Power Plants in Spain, Comdiflex has been offering advanced sealing solutions for specific severe demands of Nuclear Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Thermo-solar Plants and other needs of power generation industries.

Only the highest integrity and reliability sealing products can be provided to Nuclear Industry, Comdiflex employ certified, first-line safe raw materials with complete certification and traceability to ensure security and integrity of the products to meet the stringent demands of this sector.


Comdiflex - Industries - CHEMICAL PROCESSING

Extreme Temperatures, corrosive media, abrasive fluids, and hazardous chemicals are few of the wide range of difficulties involved in chemical processing applications.

The right sealing gasket must offer the perfect resistance against all these aggressive circumstances. Safety and reliability are the main issues in any industry, in Chemical Processing additional measures must be considered.

Comdiflex sealing products are manufactured from certified, first-line raw materials with complete certification and traceability to ensure security and high integrity of all products.


Comdiflex - Industries - PUMPS, VALVES & APPARATUS

For the most reliable performance of pumps and valves, best adapted sealing element is needed.

Comdiflex works side by side with many technological centers and special valves manufacturers in fields of engineering and material science , in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.

We recognize fast changing industry needs so that we offer our solution readily for our clients, applying a customer and quality oriented way of working: from certified first-line raw material suppliers, through the manufacturing process itself, to the prompt delivery


Comdiflex - Industries - PAPER. PULP & PACKAGING

High integrity seals are critical to meet the demands of Pulp & Paper Industry. Heavy potential contamination requires the right and reliable sealing solution.

Our team of engineers and stock of high quality raw materials are the guarantee of the right choice.

Comdiflex also manufacture a wide range of special, high-versatile, taylor-made fabric expansion joints to suit the most demanding insulating and sealing applications.


Comdiflex - Industries - MINING INDUSTRY

The right sealing solution is a key factor in every demanding application, but when hard, extremely high pressure conditions of mining industry are involved, sealing gaskets must perform without leakage, offering a superior resistance.

Our stock of raw materials is under constant review to enable us to offer the right sealing solution for highly demanding applications.


Comdiflex - Industries - CEMENT INDUSTRY

Special sealing gaskets resistant to the abrasive environment and aggressive circumstances of Cement Industry are developed and manufactured in short production time.

Wide specter of temperatures and pressure can be found and we are prepared to offer the suitable sealing solution for every application.


Comdiflex - Industries - FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY

Our sealing solutions for Food Industries are designed from certified first-line raw materials, in order to withstand high temperatures, chemical resistance and provide long service life.

Complete material certification and traceability ensure the highest standards of quality.


Comdiflex - Industries - PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY

Comdiflex manufacture sealing solutions for the specific needs of pharmaceutical industry.

We understand the importance of certified, high quality products for this industry and we can offer an extensive product range suitable for these critical applications.

In Comdiflex we understand the importance of reliability, and with almost 50 years experience, we are able to provide the high quality sealing solutions required for this industry.