Cookies policy

1.- What is a cookie?

The provider’s website may use cookies. Cookies are files downloaded to your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies allow a website to, among other things, store and recover information about a user’s browsing habits or computer and, depending on the information it contains and the way the computer is used, they may be used to recognise the user.

Your browser memorizes cookies on the hard drive during the current session; these cookies take up little space and do not harm your computer. Cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information and most are deleted from your hard disk when you close your browser session (session cookies).

Most browsers accept cookies and allow you to enable or disable temporary or saved cookies in their settings. GRUPO INDUSTRIAL KEMPCHEN & COMDIFLEX S.A. will not link saved personal data that you provided when signing up or purchasing a service to cookies without your express consent.

1.1- Types of cookies used by this website:

1.2- Third-party cookies:

GRUPO INDUSTRIAL KEMPCHEN & COMDIFLEX S.A. may use third-party services that will collect data for statistics purposes on your website usage and to render other services related to this website's activity and other Internet services.

1.3- Cookies used on this WEBSITE

Name Type Purpose
_CFGCOMDIFLEXSESSID Session Identifies, saves and reuses the user's browsing preferences in terms of language; without this cookie the site may not function properly.
cookies_surestao Permanent (90 days) Saves the user's consent to use cookies.
Cookie Name Type Purpose ?
Google Analytics __utma
Permanent Collection of anonymous information about users’ browsing habits on the website to learn the origin of visits and other similar statistical data. Info

1.4- Disabling cookies

You can modify your browser's privacy settings to enable, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer:

Everything related to Google's cookies, both analytical and advertising, as well as their administration and configuration can be viewed at:

1.5- Consent

By browsing and remaining on the website, you are hereby giving us your consent to the use of the cookies listed above for the indicated periods and under the terms and conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.

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